Handbuilt WC Tubeless Rim Tape

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Handbuilt WC Rim Tape has been specifically designed to provide the easiest and most secure air tight system possible. Of course we use our own tape for our and all of our customers builds. Available in a 10m roll and widths to suit any rim so try some out!


Rim tape is essential when converting a rim to an air tight tubeless system. For best results choose the correct tape width and be sure to evenly place it around the inner rim. If the tape is poorly placed, the seal will not be air-tight. This roll width should be equal or up to 2mm greater than the inner width of the rim. See below the inner rim profiles for DUKE Rims. We recommend starting half way between the first and second spoke hole away from the valve hole (either direction). Start tape in the direction of the valve hole and continue until you have completed 2 full layers and finish just past the valve hole. You should apply 2 layers of tape whether you are taping MTB, Road or CX rims. The 10m roll will have enough tape for 2 wheels with 2 layers on each.

DUKE Rim inner widths:

DUKE Lucky Jack – 25.6mm (suits 26mm tape)
DUKE Lucky Jack 6ters – 28mm (front), 25.6mm (rear) (suits 28 and 26mm tape)
DUKE Crazy Jack – 28.5mm (suits 30mm tape)
DUKE Fury Jack – 32mm (suits 32mm tape)
DUKE Mary Jack – 40mm (suits 40mm tape)
DUKE Lucky Star 2k18 – 23.5mm (suits 24mm tape)

DUKE Baccara (All) – 18.7mm (suits 20mm tape)
DUKE World Runner – 19.5 (suits 20mm tape)
DUKE World Runner Carbon – 22.5 (suits 24mm tape)

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