DUKE World Runner Carbon 27 / ACROS RD Disc

RRP: $2,800.00


The World Runner rim has been specially designed with a multi-purpose use as both a Gravel and Cyclocross wheel. It will satisfy the demands of the cyclocross racers and those of the aficionado of treks and long-distance rides. As well as having a ground-breaking design, the World Runner is light, stiff and durable. Carbon tubeless ready version with disc-braking. Also available in alloy. Tubeless ready.

  • Carbon rim for standard clincher and inner tube or Tubeless. Designed for a multipurpose use on normal trails and tracks (gravel and cyclo-x) and on all road types
  • Available rim profiles: 27.5 mm
  • Asymmetric profile: with the appearance of disc brakes and the increase in the number of cassette speeds, the drive side flange is getting “pushed” more and more to the interior of the wheel. This normally causes a reduced lateral stiffness due to the slacker bracing angles that result in slower response and greater susceptibility to the impact of crosswinds. At DUKE, to overcome this phenomenon we have come up with an asymmetric (2.3 mm offset) rear wheel design that gives improved bracing angles compared to symmetric wheels and enables us to obtain better balance between the drive and non-drive side spoke tensions for improved stiffness and durability over the long-term.
  • Extra wide 22.5 mm inner rim width. Increases tyre volume improve speed, comfort and grip, especially in the corners.

Additional information

Front Axle

TA 100×12, TA 100×15

Rear Axle

TA 142×12



Decal Colour

Black, Grey, White