DUKE Road Runner 30

RRP: $195.00


The DUKE Road runner 30 disc rim is designed, tested in France, DUKE is the exclusive owner of the manufacturing tools. The DUKE Road Rim Runner 30 disc Has a profile height of 30mm. ASYMMETRIC at the front & rear: As the front disc brake & the number of gears increases, The cassette-side flange of the hub is increasingly “pushed” towards the inside of the wheel have an asymmetrical profile (2mm offset) Which makes it possible to increase the lateral stiffness of the wheel without gaining weight. The holes in the rim are off-centered, this makes it possible to close more the umbrella formed by the Spokes. Thus the spokes ensure a better maintenance of the rim and the lateral stiffness of the wheel is increased. Inner width 19.5mm. This gives more volume to the tires and improves efficiency, comfort and cornering grip. A wide rim also means that you can use finer, lighter tires while maintaining the comfort, softness and grip provided by a larger volume of air.

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