DUKE Fury Jack SLS 6ters

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Designed for Enduro Racing, the Fury Jack is the preferred choice of Rémy Absalon, multiple winner of the Mégavalanche downhill race. This new Fury Jack has been developed in collaboration with Rémy Absalon. The front rim is wider and higher than the rear rim: FURY JACK SLS2 6TERS Specially designed to optimize the comfort and the riding precision.The Hookless sidewalls, associated with its new UD SLS2 fiber increase its rigidity and impact resistance.


  • Designed, developed and tested in Europe. Carbon (DUKE is the proprietor of all its carbon rim moulds) rim for Tubeless or standard clincher and inner tube.
  • DUKE SLS2 6Ters In 2019, MTB rims profiles are differentiated as we do not ask the rims the same qualities while riding :
    A front wheel must give grip, be light, stiff and handy.
    A rear wheel must be more comfortable, stronger and offer more efficiency.
    Thus the front and rear wheels have different profiles and lay-ups.
    In collaboration with the Absalon brothers and the Perrin-Ganier brothers, the 6TERS front and rear profiles complement each other for a greater efficiency in the trails.
    Many of you are aware of different needs because you are already using different section tires at front and rear wheel.
    The Duke 6TERS concept offers a wider front rim than the rear rim for more grip and stiffness. Its weight is optimized for robustness.
    The rear profile is reworked with a reduced section, with a new carbon fiber layer to improve compliance and increase the impact resistance, the constraints being much more important on the back wheel.
    SLS2 Factory Process ‘19
    All our carbon MTB rims now benefit from the manufacturing process tested and approved by the 2018 Super Light Series, which offers a 10% gain in rim’s weight.
    This manufacturing process goes even further today as it is now made under dust-free laboratory and no longer requires sanding nor painting.
    SLS2 products have an excellent aesthetic appearance, right out of the mold.
    As no longer painted, the rims can not be scratched.
    Impact resistance is not left out, since it is also improved by 20%.
    SLS2 rims are built from UD carbon fiber only.
  • Asymmetric profile (front 3mm – rear 3mm offset) : By offsetting, we can increase the wheel’s lateral stiffness and its stability without adding weight. Rim drillings are off-centre to improve bracing angles for a stronger, more rigid wheel. The rim is stronger, and the impact of crosswinds is reduced. Plus, with offsetting there’s a better balance between the drive and non-drive side spoke tensions and improved durability over the long-term.
  • Extra wide (front 32.5mm – rear 29mm inner rim width).. Increases tyre volume improve speed, comfort and grip, especially in the corners.
  • A wider rim allows us to increase the volume of air in the tyre, this improves ride comfort. Also, the tyre is securely held between the rim sidewalls, making the bike more stable. A larger volume tyre also increases grip and speed. Even tyres inflated to a low pressure are securely held between the rim sidewalls and the impact of the tyre displacing around the rim is reduced. The bike is more stable and the steering cleaner. We can also fit a narrower tyre to a wider rim without losing any volume compared to a similar width tyre fitted to a narrow rim, with the result a gain in inertia, the narrower tyre being that much lighter.
  • Hookless rim, this type of rim is far stronger than the traditional clincher rim. We have used this technology with great success, on our rims since 2011. The tyre is fitted as per a traditional clincher, and is securely held in place similarly to a clincher rim
  • Lateral stiffness is improved by 40% compared to the previous version of this wheel.
  • Impact resistance, even on the roughest terrain: impact energy absorption is improved by more than >50% compared to the previous version of this wheel.
  • Crash Replacement :We automatically include a lifetime Crash Replacement package with the sale of any of our carbon wheels. In the event of an accident or heavy crash resulting in damage to your rim rendering it unusable, we will replace it at reduced cost:
    – 30% off the price, at the time, of a new rim. We will not charge labour or the shipping costs.
    – Unlimited lifetime package included with the purchase of a pair of any DUKE carbon wheels.

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